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listening to "Monk Chant (reissue bonus) - The Monks" on Blip [02 Mar 2009|07:50pm]
Advice for tomorrow: move like you mean it.
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who would have guessed [07 Sep 2008|02:59am]
[ mood | blah ]

that coming back to the place I was raised would not agree with me?

This is apparently the height of fashion:
screw lululemon

At least my program is okay/ encouraging me to excel (so I can move somewhere far, far away as soon as I complete my last exam).

Thank goodness I have Sunday D&D sessions to keep me sane. .

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After four years or so, I finally decided to seek professional help [16 Dec 2007|01:32pm]
[ mood | calm ]

The results? Well. I think I've found a trustworthy hair guy.

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[22 Nov 2007|12:08pm]
[ mood | snowy ]

I am writing for a website that publishes intentionally spoiler-heavy reviews. Will is also doing this. So are a couple of other people.


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[31 Oct 2007|12:36pm]
There's seriously something in the city water here. I swear.

What are all my fellow gloomy Montréalais up to tonight? I think we should get our best costumes on and collaborate on eliminating this funk by listening to some house and dancing our Hallowieners off.

I'm gunna be at Cherry Bar (417 St Pierre), I think. They are doing a Haunted (Chicago) House night. It's like the doctor fucking went ahead and ordered it.
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there's this thing [04 Oct 2007|09:41am]
[ mood | groggy ]

where street fashion blogs face off and stuff. Montreal has totally killed London and is now up against Perth. I've obviously been all objective and such. Seriously.


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narcissistic meme [21 Sep 2007|05:02pm]
The premise is simple: post a photo of yourself for all to see.

in the backyard
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Heart of Ass [16 Sep 2007|04:19am]
[ mood | drunk ]

So I went to an anarchist soccer potluck vegan dinner thing tonight. I met new people and had a pretty awesome time.

We headed over to a karaoke bar for more fun, and well, I got pretty tipsy -- which gave the the guts to tackle a song made infamous by Blondie. I felt as if I was butchering the whole thing, but dancing my ass off with the mic stand on stage , and really, who cares about hitting all the notes perfectly? The performance is what makes the whole thing worthwhile. Once I exited the stage I managed to score a bunch of high-fives and so forth. One man told me the following:

"I saw Deborah Harry perform that song three months ago and you were on par with her"

"But she is out of practice now."

"Yeah, well."

I am beaming. And drunk.

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[14 Sep 2007|03:59pm]
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Modernity! [12 Sep 2007|05:24pm]
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